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Driven by Club Locker's software platform the Live Scoring web app allows real time score entry via a wifi enabled app that runs on most modern handheld tablet web browsers. Scores are instantly stored in the cloud based Club Locker environment.

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Spectators and participants can see the status of of leagues and tournaments in real time. Match scores are available live as they happen, and upcoming matches are listed featuring rounds, roster position and court assignments.


When displays are not being used as scoreboards, bookings from the Club Locker reservation system can be displayed. Players can easily find their reservations through grids on venue scoreboards, or via upcoming matches listed on court scoreboards.


Club Locker Venue can provide a flexible branded graphic overlay that can be added to a live stream or recorded video when used with appropriate encoding hardware or software.

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Scoreboard Watching

Team squash is a core element of the game in the U.S. There are thousands of team matches every winter across the country, running from youthful ones—middle school, high school and collegiate team play— to adults in league play and championships like the Howe Cup. In intercollegiate play last year alone, there were nearly a thousand dual matches. Until recently, though, no one easily could follow the story of an unfolding match. Court assignments, lineups, the score— it was all a mystery.

Greg Born was a typical squash parent. He first learned about squash through his children who picked up the game as teenagers. His son David played for the Bates Bobcats, and when Born attended David’s matches there was often whispering in the gallery: “What’s the overall score—who’s winning? Who is playing next?“

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